Susan Fagan

Susan FaganDistinguished Research ProfessorĀ 2013

Susan Fagan, Albert W. Jowdy Professor and associate department head of clinical and administrative pharmacy, is an outstanding leader in basic stroke research and an expert in stroke therapeutics. She was one of the investigators in a landmark clinical trial that led to the widespread use of the drug Activase as an acute treatment for embolic stroke. She is recognized by other distinguished scientists and clinicians as one of the few Americans and international leaders who continues to translate novel basic research into new treatment strategies for acute stroke. Along with her group of collaborators, she is on the cusp of establishing vascular protection as a tactic to improve the devastating morbidity and mortality associated with stroke, which affects more than 800,000 individuals annually in the United States alone. In addition to the development of novel treatments, Fagan is currently exploring new therapeutic targets in the brain blood vessels to enhance recovery and improve outcomes for stroke patients.