Peter Brosius

Peter BrosiusDistinguished Research Professor 2015

Peter Brosius, professor of anthropology, has been at the forefront of efforts to transform the field of environmental anthropology. He is widely recognized as an authority on the Penan hunter-gather peoples in Malaysian Borneo, and he is also a leading scholar on the political ecology of conservation. Brosius has used his scholarly expertise to analyze the impact of environmental degradation on local and indigenous communities and to demonstrate the multiple linkages that connect those communities to global institutions and processes. He is also the founding director of UGA’s Center for Integrative and Conservation Research, which promotes interdisciplinary research collaborations that foster the evolution of the integrative approaches that make space for multiple perspectives and ways of thinking about complex trade-offs in conservation and development. Brosius and his colleagues have used this approach to examine a variety of conservation topics, including the social acceptability of bioenergy in the American South. He also continues an active research trajectory focused on the interactions between local communities, conservation and development in Malaysia and Indonesia.