Valery Alexeev

Valery AlexeevDistinguished Research Professor, 2004

Valery Alexeev, Professor of Mathematics, settled several fundamental problems in algebraic geometry, a field concerned with systems of algebraic equations and their solutions. Leading algebraic geometers call him “a brilliant and original mathematician,” comparing him with luminaries who have received math’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize – the Fields Medal, awarded every four years. Dr. Alexeev collaborates with such leading mathematics researchers as Fields Medalist Shigefumi Mori and has received continuous NSF research funding since 1994. His collaboration with University of Grenoble’s Michel Brion opened a new research area in algebraic geometry. In 2002, the Annals of Mathematics published his 97-page work. It was also selected for the AMS Featured Review, among the fewer than 1 percent of those submitted. A dedicated educator, Dr. Alexeev co-organized his department’s high school math competitions and coached Georgia high school students for the American Regional Mathematics League. He also participates on his department’s NSF grant to help prepare graduate students for math careers. His awards include a Sloan Foundation fellowship, a prestigious award given to young scientists, and a 2001 UGA Creative Research Medal.

Previous Award

Creative Research MedalĀ 2001