Larry R. Beuchat

Larry R. BeuchatLamar Dodd Award 2007

Larry R. Beuchat, Distinguished Research Professor of Food Microbiology, has, through his extraordinary research, advanced understanding of the environmental and ecological conditions that influence the survival and growth of foodborne bacteria, molds and yeasts. He conducted pioneering work on the storage and processing of raw fruits and vegetables. His research in the early 1980s showed for the first time that while modified-atmosphere packaging of raw vegetables can indeed extend their shelf-life, bacteria capable of causing illness can still grow and develop inside — without anyvisual or sensory cues. He also demonstrated the ability of pathogens to infiltrate raw fruits and vegetables and survive, even when exposed to sanitizers. His expertise in this area led the World Health Organization to seek Beuchat’s recommendations on the best disinfection procedures for raw fruits and vegetables. He has also made significant contributions in the area of food mycology, where his research determined the effectiveness of preservatives in controlling the growth of molds and preventing the production of mycotoxins in fruit concentrates, juices and drinks. In 2005, Beuchat was the third most-cited agricultural scientist in the world.

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