Yuping He

Yuping HePostdoctoral Research Award 2011

Yuping He, assistant research scientist in physics, has made major contributions to the growth, characterization, and application of nanostructures. Particularly notable is her development of a novel fabrication technique called “dynamic shadowing growth,” and her application of this technique to the fabrication of catalytic nanomotors. She has advanced the glancing angle deposition (GLAD) and has made several other significant contributions to nanostructured thin film deposition and renewable energy research. She demonstrated for the first time that by alternating the deposition materials during GLAD, three dimensional multilayered heteronanorod arrays can be fabricated and designed. She discovered the NIR-induced color change of WO3 nanoflakes. More important, she contributed to the study of novel nanoscale hydrogen storage materials and Si-based nanostructured battery anodes. She has already published 20 journal papers on nanoscience research.