Pamela Jane Bonner

Graduate Student Excellence-in-Research Award 2007

Pamela Jane Bonner, a recent doctoral graduate in microbiology, made several important discoveries concerning signal transduction and developmental pathways in the bacterium Myxococcusxanthus. From this work she published seven research articles, three as first author, which appeared in top journals, including Molecular Microbiology, Journal of Bacteriology and Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences. In addition to her exceptional research, Bonner is also an outstanding teacher and mentor. She received the first Joy Porter Williams Award, a special departmental prize of $1,500 that recognizes excellence in research, teaching and service. In 2004, she received the UGA Teaching Assistant Award, the Presidential Graduate Fellowship, and the ARCS scholarship, among many other awards. She also served as president of the Microbiology Graduate Student Association and as the faculty liaison to the GraduateAffairs Committee.