SPA website update: Contacts and grant tool box

In an effort to make information more readily available regarding sponsored projects, we have made a few updates to the SPA Website

  1. Contacts:
    We have redesigned the Contact/Find Your SPA Rep page to better identify SPA points of contact. Anyone can easily search by unit name or sponsor/agency and see the name, phone number, and email address of the SPA representative responsible for various areas of inquiry. 

  2. Grant Tool Box: 
    We have added a tab to the SPA home page titled Grant Tool Box which will include tools to aid research administrations.  The first two items include:
  • UGA Role and Responsibilities Matrix. 
    This matrix clearly identifies the functions contained within sponsored project lifecycle – from proposal preparation through closeout and audit.  The roles and responsibilities pertaining to the Principal Investigator, department staff, department head, dean, compliance offices and Sponsored Projects Pre and Post Award are captured for each of these functions. These responsibilities can vary amongst Universities across the country; therefore, this is a great tool to acclimate new faculty and staff, as well as to better align efforts for our experienced Bulldogs.
  • Budget Templates:
    The latest versions of the Budget Templates are available.  We encourage you to begin utilizing these to aid in timely award set up.  Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the budget templates. We are extremely thankful to have such an engaged and thoughtful community. We hope you will continue to provide feedback as you use these templates. We have added some additional account codes and re-arranged items to better align with major sponsors’ budget templates.