Russell Sage Foundation: Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

The Russell Sage Foundation’s program on Social, Political, and Economic Inequality supports innovative research on the many factors that contribute to social, political and economic inequalities in the U.S., and the extent to which those inequalities affect social, psychological, political, and economic outcomes, including equality of access and opportunity, social mobility, civic participation and representation, and the transmission of advantage and disadvantage within and across generations.

The foundation seeks investigator-initiated research that will contribute to a better understanding of social, political, and economic inequalities and the mechanisms by which they influence the lives of individuals and families. The program welcomes projects that explore the relevance of economic, racial, ethnic, age, gender, immigration, occupational or other statuses for the distribution of wellbeing within these groups. The foundation is most interested in social and economic outcomes as the primary indicators of wellbeing.

LOI Deadline: May 21, 2020

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