ORAU: Directed Research and Development Grants (ODRD)

ODRD is a research and development program that supports collaborations between ORAU and Member Universities. This investment program provides a path for funding innovative research-based approaches/solutions that fall within the intersection of core capabilities of ORAU and our member universities research interests. ORAU envisions successful ODRD funded projects to result in proposals that can generate new sponsored research jointly performed by ORAU and partner universities. ODRD funding, distributed through a competitive process, serves as seed money for exploratory research and collaboration opportunities among ORAU subject matter experts and university partners. This seed money and exploratory research provides greater potential for significant funding from external sources.

ODRD projects will strengthen and expand the scientific and technical capabilities of ORAU programs and enhance ORAU’s ability to address current and future customer needs. By leveraging the talents and strengths of our member universities, ODRD supports university-engaged, applied research while increasing the potential for significant external research funding.

Deadline: March 23, 2020

More Information: https://www.orau.org/university-partnerships/member-grant-programs/odrd.html