NSF: Mid-scale Research Infrastructure Opportunities

In 2017, NSF issued a Request for Information to gauge the existing and future needs for Mid-scale research infrastructure programs and received responses whose execution would require $8 billion to $10 billion in funding for projects in the $20 million to $100 million range.

In response, The National Science Foundation intends to announce two new Mid-scale Research Infrastructure opportunities in fall 2018: one to support projects with an approximate cost between $6 million and $20 million and the other to support projects with an approximate cost between $20 million and $70 million.

These forthcoming funding opportunities are intended to encompass research infrastructure broadly defined, from the creation of mid-scale disciplinary instrumentation to the implementation (including acquisition and construction) of mid-scale facilities, cyberinfrastructure and other infrastructure that are demonstrated to be necessary to support specific science, engineering or education research objectives associated with current or future NSF-supported research activities.  This portfolio may also include mid-scale upgrades to existing research infrastructure.

Contacts: For questions directly related to this program, please contact MSRI@nsf.gov. More information will be available once the solicitations for these programs are released.