NIH: Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers (P40) (Clinical Trials Not-Allowed)

This FOA encourages grant applications for national Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers. These Centers provide support for special colonies of laboratory animals, as well as other resources such as informatics tools, reagents, cultures (cells, tissues, and organs) and genetic stocks that serve the biomedical research community in a variety of research areas on a local, regional, and national basis.  The important mission of the projects described by this FOA is to provide research resources, which are facilitating the optimization and enhancement of scientific rigor, transparency and experimental reproducibility of biomedical research. Proposed Animal and Biological Material Resource Centers must have broad application to multiple NIH Institutes or Centers (ICs) to align with the ORIP’s trans-NIH mission (  This funding opportunity is designed to support both continuation of existing resources and to develop new ones when appropriate. Prior to preparing an application, all applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Scientific/Research staff to be advised on appropriateness of the intended resource plans for this program, competitiveness of a potential application, and ORIP’s program priorities.   

Deadline: February 20, 2020 

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