Microsoft: AI for Earth

In collaboration with Esri’s outreach team, the Microsoft AI for Earth program awards advanced Microsoft Azure cloud computing resources and powerful Esri GIS tools to individuals and organizations working on environmental and conservation programs aimed towards transforming the way we are currently managing complex environmental challenges.

Areas of focus

AI for Earth program activity is focused on four areas that are vital for building a sustainable future:

  • Agriculture: To feed the world’s rapidly growing population, farmers must produce more food, on less arable land and with lower environmental impact.
  • Water: In the next two decades, demand for fresh water—for human consumption, agriculture, and hygiene—is predicted to dramatically outpace supply.
  • Biodiversity: Species are going extinct beyond the natural rate by orders of magnitude, driving the decay of key ecosystem services, like pollination, that humans depend upon.
  • Climate change: An increasingly variable climate—extreme weather events, rising sea levels, higher global temperatures, and increased ocean acidity—threaten human health, infrastructure, and the natural systems we rely on for life itself.

Deadline: April 9, 2018

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