Limited Submission: Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program

Limited Submission: Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program


The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program supports the research and teaching careers of talented young faculty in the chemical sciences at undergraduate institutions. Based on institutional nominations, the program provides discretionary funding to faculty at an early stage in their careers. The award is based on accomplishment in scholarly research with undergraduates, as well as a compelling commitment to teaching, and provides an unrestricted research grant of $60,000.

Award Amount

  • $60,000 USD

The award provides an unrestricted research grant of $75,000. Of the total amount, $7,500 is for departmental expenses associated with research and education. In past years 12-15 fellows were selected.


The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program is open to academic institutions in the States, Districts, and Territories of the United States of America that grant a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the chemical sciences, including biochemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical engineering. Awardees are typically in departments that do not grant a doctoral degree. Nominees must hold a full-time tenure-track academic appointment, be after the fourth and not after the twelfth years of their independent academic careers, and be engaged in research and teaching primarily with undergraduates. Institutions may submit only one Henry Dreyfus nomination annually. Renominations are accepted.


  • The Foundation seeks Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars who, as independent faculty members, have demonstrated leadership in original scholarly research of outstanding quality, substantially with undergraduates, as well as excellence and dedication in undergraduate education.
  • Recommendations for awards are based on evidence of outstanding educational efforts and the nominee’s scholarly research achievements with undergraduates as an independent faculty member, as assessed by a panel of distinguished faculty in the chemical sciences. The three outside letters of support (see below for details) are of particular value to the reviewers. Other considered factors are: awards and honors, publication of research achievements in leading journals, and success in attracting research funding.


The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award provides a $60,000 unrestricted research grant. Of the total amount, $5,000 is to be allocated for departmental expenses associated with research and education. Charges associated with indirect costs or institutional overhead are not allowed. Defrayal of academic-year salary is not permitted. Funds are normally expended over a period of five years. Foundation approval is not required for budgetary changes after an award is made. If the awardee leaves the institution, the transfer of the remaining funds requires prior Foundation approval.

Limitation Details

Institutions may submit only one Dreyfus nomination annually. If you are interested in applying for this program, you must first submit an internal application to according to the required instructions below.

Internal Applications must include the following:

  • A cover page listing
    • The name of this funding opportunity
    • Your name, UGA position, home department, email, and UGA contact information
    • Your nominator’s name, UGA position, and UGA office contact information
  • A (three-page maximum) statement that includes
    • Your research accomplishments as an independent faculty member
    • Why you feel you are the most competitive candidate as UGA’s nomination
    • How these award funds are anticipated to be used
    • Suggested names of those who will write your three letters of support
  • A brief statement from your nominator agreeing to write your letter of nomination
  • Curriculum vitae

Internal Submission Instructions

The above internal application materials should be submitted via email as a single .PDF file to by the internal deadline listed above.

Internal Selection

Limited Submission announcements often generate multiple competing proposals.  UGA reviewers judge proposals as they would in any peer review process, so PIs are urged to put their best foot forward.  Along with typical criteria, reviewers will evaluate internal proposals based on their fit with the sponsor’s articulated goals and criteria.


Please submit questions regarding the internal competition to Alex Aspley at

Procedural questions may be directed to the Foundation office by telephone at 212-753-1760 or e-mail at

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