L.I.V.E. undergraduate virtual career fair: Nov. 29

Looking for an opportunity to participate as an undergraduate in science, technology, engineering or math research at a one-of-a-kind national laboratory? Join in from 1-3 p.m. EST Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2018, for the L.I.V.E. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS) Virtual Career Fair and discover the opportunities to participate in the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) and the Community College Internships (CCI) at six participating labs/facilities!

During L.I.V.E. you can:

  • Interact with recruiters, scientists, and researchers
  • Explore information about each lab/facility
  • Learn more about the SULI and CCI experience

For more information and to pre-register now visit https://orau.6connex.com/event/LIVE/WDTS/login.