Georgia CTSA Pilot Grants

Georgia CTSA’s Pilot Grants Program is soliciting proposals that either generate preliminary data and refine research strategies for subsequent extramural grant applications OR develop the best approaches and methodologies to address complex translational and clinical research problems. 

Two categories of grants will be considered: 

  • Category 1 – Grants that focus on translational and clinical research Pilot projects are intuitively understood to represent preliminary, preparatory, or feasibility studies designed to assess the applicability of new technologies, protocols, data collection instruments, or subject recruitment strategies as stepping-stones toward a full, hypothesis-testing investigation. The four academic institutional partners of the Georgia CTSA collectively recognize the critical need for start-up, feasibility, or proof-of-concept resources. 
  • Category 2 – Grants that address a translational research question which could provide insights generalizable to other projects/diseases. The Pilot Grants Program will seek proposals that propose innovative approaches to:
    • Novel technology development 
    • Biostatistics method development 
    • Informatics 
    • Community engagement and ethical issues in human subjects 
    • Best approaches to address important clinical and translational research (CTR) problems and/or the science of translational science 
    • Innovative approaches to overcoming choke points in the translational process, such as regulatory hurdles and patient recruitment 
    • Novel methodologies for clinical research that can be generalized to other projects 
    • Development of new approaches for implementation science that will enhance the translation of medical advances into the community or to special populations 

Deadline: March 1, 2019

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