Changes UGA’s Emergency Notification System

The UGAAlert system transitioned to a new web portal on December 18, 2018, that increased the number of ways that UGA students, faculty and staff can be notified in case of an emergency. 

Current information for UGA students, faculty and staff was transferred to the new portal, but we encourage everyone to verify their information in the system to make sure it accurately reflects how they wish to be contacted. In particular, users are encouraged to make sure that their mobile number is correct. While the web portal is changing, its address will remain  

Here are the important changes to note: 

  • Previously, UGA students, faculty, and staff could only receive text messages on one phone number. Users will now be able to enter two cell phone numbers that can receive voice and text messages. 
  • The new system will limit users to one landline (voice only) phone number in addition to the two cell phone numbers. 
  • Users also will be able to list three e-mail addresses. 
  • Users will not be able to opt-out of receiving alerts on their instructional e-mail account (ie their UGA e-mail address). 
  • Users on the Tifton, Griffin, Gwinnett, or Skidaway campuses should use the “Opt-in Lists” tab to make sure they are opted in to the correct campus. Clicking on the “Opt-in Lists” tab reveals a list that includes each campus. Users should make sure they are subscribed to the correct campus by checking the box under “subscribe” next to their campus. 

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