CDC: Global Health Security Partnerships: Expanding and Improving Public Health Laboratory Strategies and Systems.

This Notice of Funding Opportunity is to continue to support the implementation and expansion of programs and activities previously funded under CDC-RFA-GH15-1632 that focus on protecting and improving public health globally by building or strengthening public health laboratory capacity to: 1) prevent avoidable epidemics by promoting evidence-based policies and decision making; 2) detect threats early by improving surveillance systems; strengthen laboratory systems to detect, differentiate, and characterize pathogens; train field epidemiologists whose data analysis informs evidence-based policy; investigate outbreaks, and conduct event-based surveillance; and 3) respond effectively to infectious disease threats by creating interconnected robust public health emergency management programs, including emergency operations centers, strengthening the public health workforce, border health security, and scaling up information management and technology infrastructure.

Deadline: May 4, 2020

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