AARC: Request for Proposal: A Scholarly Research Project Using Academic Analytics Data

Academic Analytics is pleased to announce the formation of the Academic Analytics Research Center (AARC). AARC is tasked with finding ways the Academic Analytics database can be applied to uncover and disseminate new data and findings on issues of concern to higher education and scholarly research. In addition to publishing original research, AARC also places the Academic Analytics database into the hands of other qualified researchers. From gender disparities in publishing and citations to the lifetime trajectory of faculty research activity in different fields of study, the Academic Analytics database is a rich resource for scholars seeking comprehensive information on research in higher education.

AARC will act as the sole point of contact for any researcher wishing to access the Academic Analytics database and will receive and review all research proposals involving Academic Analytics data. The Academic Analytics Research Center hereby announces a Request for Proposals for a scholarly research project using academic analytics data. The objective of this Request for Proposal is to locate scholars who will provide significant and publishable research projects using the Academic Analytics database, and to support those scholars with data at no cost. The full Request for Proposals can be downloaded here (PDF).

Deadline: March 23, 2020

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