New Tool Now Available to Discover and Analyze Publication and Citation Data

UGA has subscribed recently to the InCites Benchmarking & Analytics system from Clarivate Analytics (formerly a Thomson-Reuters division). This system gives everyone at UGA access to a set of tools to discover and analyze publication and citation data from the Web of Science Core Collection, which has global coverage. This is an excellent place to identify potential collaborators, to find publications, to compare research impact (through citations), and many other use cases.

The InCites tools can be used to:

  • examine institutional research strengths and potential partners in those areas,
  • find discipline-specific active collaborators (or competitors),
  • identify researchers in a particular discipline from a specific institution or geographic region,
  • ┬álearn about industry partnerships at this or other institutions, and
  • any number of other use cases.

An introduction to the toolkit, a link to the login page, a set of sample use cases, and a list of training resources are provided on the following web page: