Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association Georgia Regional Conference, Feb. 6-8

The Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) will hold its Georgia Regional Conference at UGA, Feb. 6-8, 2017, at the Georgia Hotel and Conference Center.

Regional conferences bring together CSHEMA members to discuss a variety of interdisciplinary topics, learn new best practices, discuss campus issues and network with other environmental health and safety colleagues from around the region.

Keynote Speaker on Feb. 6 is Cham Dallas, professor of health policy and management and Institute for Disaster Management, College of Public Health, at UGA. He will discuss his research on the Fukushima radioactive plume.

Meeting topics include leadership in academic safety programs, Innovative approaches to sustainability, incident response, mixed waste handling, fume hood certification, dangerous good shipping, and awareness of the chemical threat. UGA presenters and topics are Steve Harris, Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness, “Campus-wide AED Program”; Jody Jacobs, Radiation Safety, “Mixed Waste Handling and Disposal”; Jonathan Croy, Environmental Safety Division, “Implementation Changes to the Hazardous Waste Generator Rule at the University of Georgia”; and Todd Miller,  Environmental Safety Division, “Legacy chemicals, Chematix chemical inventory system and the early influence to the safety culture at UGA.