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InCitesTM Training

A good place to start is to take a look at this one-page “getting started” guide.

Clarivate provides a rich set of support and training videos and documents that can be accessed from the Help menu within InCites or can be accessed here. This provides access to materials specific to your particular role (librarian, academic administrator, etc.) and provides a link to the Clarivate InCites YouTube channel containing the complete collection of InCites training videos.

A number of academic units and UGA Libraries have identified a set of resources that you can contact should you have questions or wish to obtain help with use of InCites. These resources have received initial training on InCites and should be able to help with simple searches. If you don’t see your unit represented below, feel free to contact the UGA InCites Outreach group.

Office of Research Lauren Siskolsisko@uga.eduLiaison
Franklin College of Arts and SciencesLeslie F Morrowlmorrow@uga.eduLiaison
Franklin College of Arts and SciencesMichelle Momanymmomany@uga.eduLiaison
Division of Biological SciencesIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of AnthropologyDiane Trapdtrap@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of ChemistryIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of ClassicsEmily Lukenehopkins@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Communication StudiesAmber A Prentissamberp@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Comparative LiteratureKristin Nielsenknielsen@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Computer ScienceChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of EnglishKristin Nielsenknielsen@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of GeneticsIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of GeographyCynthia L Prossercprosser@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of GeologyCynthia L Prossercprosser@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Germanic and Slavic StudiesPatrick Reidenbaughpreidenb@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of HistoryDiane Trapdtrap@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Marine SciencesIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of MathematicsChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of PhilosophyEmily Lukenehopkins@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Physics and AstronomyChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of PsychologySandra Elaine Riggssriggs@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of ReligionEmily Lukenehopkins@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Romance Languages (French, Italian)Patrick Reidenbaughpreidenb@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Romance Languages (Spanish, Portuguese)Laura D. Shedenhelmshedenhe@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of SociologyAmber A Prentissamberp@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of StatisticsChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
Department of Theatre & Film StudiesKristin Nielsenknielsen@uga.eduLibrarian
Hugh Hodgson School of MusicGuy Leachgleach@uga.eduLibrarian
Institute for Women's StudiesAmber A Prentissamberp@uga.eduLibrarian
Lamar Dodd School of ArtLindsey Reynoldslwreyn@uga.eduLibrarian
Latin American and Caribbean Studies InstituteLaura D. Shedenhelmshedenhe@uga.eduLibrarian
Linguistics ProgramPatrick Reidenbaughpreidenb@uga.eduLibrarian
College of Agricultural and Environmental SciencesChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
College of EducationCarla W Busscbuss@uga.eduLibrarian
College of EducationNadine Cohenncohen@uga.eduLibrarian
College of EngineeringChandler W Christoffelchristof@uga.eduLibrarian
College of Environment and DesignElizabeth L Whiteelwhite1@uga.eduLibrarian
College of Family and Consumer SciencesIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
College of PharmacyIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
College of Public HealthIan S Thomasithomas@uga.eduLibrarian
College of Veterinary MedicineJennifer Smith-Garvinjgarvin@uga.eduLiaison
College of Veterinary MedicineDiana Y Hartledhartle@uga.eduLibrarian
Grady College of Journalism & Mass CommunicationAmy Wattsamywatts@uga.eduLibrarian
Odum School of EcologyDiana Y Hartledhartle@uga.eduLibrarian
School of Public and International AffairsElizabeth L Whiteelwhite1@uga.eduLibrarian
School of Social WorkMumbi Mwaurammwaura@uga.eduLiaison
School of Social WorkAmber A Prentissamberp@uga.eduLibrarian
Terry College of BusinessJoanna Helen Wilfordjwilford@uga.eduLiaison
Terry College of BusinessJohn M Prechtelprechtel@uga.eduLibrarian
Terry College of BusinessSheila Devaneysdevaney@uga.eduLibrarian
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesCarly Surrattcsurratt@uga.eduLiaison
Warnell School of Forestry and Natural ResourcesDiana Y Hartledhartle@uga.eduLibrarian
Division of Academic EnhancementSandra Elaine Riggssriggs@uga.eduLibrarian