Research Outputs and Analytics

InCitesTM Tips

These tips should be helpful in general as you design analyses with InCitesTM.


  • Roll over the icon i (i in a circle) next to Results (top left of page) to get a summary of Dataset and which Filters have been set
Filter Summary screen shot
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  • To start an analysis over with a clean slate, click Clear Filters next to Filters on left margin
  • When starting a new analysis, use Hide in the top margin to hide the visualization while setting attributes, then Show when you are close to finishing and fine-tune the visualization
  • In a results table, use the gear icon (top left; see below) to configure the columns of the table (what and where)
  • You can export any results table as comma-separated value (csv) file using the down-arrow icon (top right; see below); only the columns being displayed will be fields in the export
Results Table Head screen capture
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  • For any row in a results table, click the Name to reanalyze (refocus) that publication set, click the number in Web of Science Documents to see the publications in that set, click column heading to re-sort table by values in that column
  • When comparing Category Normalized Citation Impact, % Docs Cited, or a few other attributes, ranks can be skewed by records with only a few documents. For such cases, set the Threshold (selected in left margin) so that only records with a significant number of documents are being compared
  • Visualizations can be exported (as .png images) using the down-arrow icon at top right of that panel
  • When focusing on a specific research area, if the taxonomies (schema) provided in InCites are not narrow enough, you can perform a custom keyword search directly in Web of Science and export the results set directly into InCites as a new dataset for further analysis. Details of this approach are covered in the use cases