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InCitesTM Login Instructions

The InCites Benchmarking & Analytics (B&A) tool from Clarivate Analytics (previously, a Thomson-Reuters division) is available by subscription to all UGA employees and students. To obtain a registered login (for use from anywhere), you must first register your UGA email address through an authorized network IP address (or proxy server).

To get to the Sign In page, choose one of these paths:

  1. From a device on the UGA network, go directly to InCitesTM.
  2. From anywhere, go to InCites through the UGA Libraries proxy server.

You should see the following Sign In page:

login page for incite
Click to enlarge.

If you have already registered your email address for another Thomson-Reuters product (e.g., EndNoteTM or other product along top navigation bar), that registration should allow you to sign in to InCites immediately from this page. Otherwise, click on Register an email address near the bottom.

On the resulting page, enter your UGA email address (twice), and click Continue.

login screen for incite
Click to enlarge.

If your email address is recognized as already being used for a Thomson-Reuters product registration, you will be returned to the Sign In page with a note to that effect. Either type your password, or click on Forgot Password. You will get an email with a password reset link.

Otherwise, you will be asked to set a password for your new registration.

Once you have finished registration, use your email address and password on the Sign In page to get to the InCitesTM home page:

login to incite
Click to enlarge.

You can use the Help link on the top navigation bar to learn more about InCites or just start exploring; Organizations is a good place to start.