Research Outputs and Analytics


InCitesTM Benchmarking & Analytics is a web-based tool available to all UGA employees that allows sophisticated analysis and dashboard visualizations of publication and citation data in the Web of Science core database.

This database is considered to be one of the largest and highest quality sets of bibliographic and bibliometric data in the world; it is updated within InCites on a bimonthly basis. The publication data are categorized by author, by affiliation, by research area, by region, by organization, and by many other attributes, allowing the user to find and compare publication and citation records of authors globally.

These tools can be used to:

  • examine institutional research strengths and potential partners in those areas,
  • find discipline-specific active collaborators (or competitors),
  • identify researchers in a particular discipline from a specific institution or geographic region,
  •  learn about industry partnerships at this or other institutions, and
  • any number of other use cases.

Learn more about InCitesTM here.


Robert Scott
UGA Elements
Project Team