IT Operations

Office of Research IT Operations provides support for Office of Research information systems with the overall goal of optimizing online business processes.

Office of Research IT Operations (IT Operations) carries out all functions in conjunction and compliance with standards and policies set by the UGA Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS). IT Operations applies best practices in implementation and maintenance of hardware, software, and networking technologies.

IT Operations supports units within the Office of Research. Support is provided to other units reporting to the office, as directed by the Vice President for Research and in compliance with negotiated service level agreements.

The following areas comprise the Office of Research IT Operations service portfolio.

System Administration and Support

  • Evaluates Office of Research units’ desktop and server infrastructure supporting business processes and recommends changes/new solutions in the marketplace
  • Establishes, maintains and improves Office of Research system standards for hardware, software, security and networking
  • Recommends, installs, maintains and upgrades computer systems, peripherals and software
  • Documents software installation, troubleshooting procedures and data configurations for issue resolution and configuration management
  • Assures that security provisions are properly installed and operational
  • Supports server and network connectivity; troubleshoots network connection issues with appropriate support of EITS/Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Supports conference room and auditorium multimedia resources
  • Maintains backup of systems and data, including offsite backup
  • Assures that backup systems are effective and that backup data are restorable and usable

Application Development and Support Team

  • Provides programming and web development support for Office of Research projects
  • Troubleshoots application software issues in a timely manner
  • Assists with the design of training materials for Office of Research staff and their clients
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations for application support of business processes
  • Maintains application installation and configuration documentation

Online Administration

Online Administration supports the electronic research administration systems and processes of the Office of Research. Online Administration manages the eResearch Portal from which investigators develop and access their proposals and awards, human subjects protocols, and an increasing set of other key business processes.


Analytics provides access to analyses and reports of data across the units within Office of Research, and responds to ad hoc inquiries requesting data about UGA research activities, all supported by modern business intelligence tools.

Strategic objectives for IT Operations
  • Support Office of Research business through improvement of performance and resiliency of existing information systems
  • Develop, implement and integrate reliable information systems in support of research business processes
  • Assure continuing operations of mission-critical business processes and protect against accidental or intentional information loss in the event of disaster
  • Assure privacy and security of sensitive information
  • Ensure that actions of the Office of Research IT Operations are transparent to all stakeholders