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Sponsor Collaborative Research Projects

Over the past five years, more than 350 companies in industries ranging from biotechnology and advanced manufacturing to agriculture and animal health have sponsored research at the University of Georgia. During this time, industry-funded research expenditures at UGA have increased sevenfold.

Sponsoring research at UGA can add value to your business by connecting you to the deep expertise our faculty offer. We want to understand your challenges and connect you to the right resources to move your business forward.


Derek Eberhart, Executive Director of Innovation Gateway, can assist you with making the right contacts within UGA’s research enterprise.

In recognition of our strengths in agriculture and agricultural technologies, Chris Rhodes was recently named director of industry partnerships and project-based learning in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


We understand how important intellectual property is in our collaboration. Recognizing this, we bring dedicated industry contracting resources to the table in addition to having streamlined the processes of contracting and licensing sponsored research. We have multiple agreements that allow you to easily license intellectual property developed during your project with us.

Let our contracting experts in Sponsored Projects Administration help you develop an agreement that is right for you and your company.


With the traditional agreement, terms are generally negotiable, there is no upfront fee, and sponsors have exclusive access to negotiate patent rights for up to six months after project completion.


We always want to get to work quickly on your project. For certain collaborations, a more streamlined approach is best to minimize time spent negotiating contracts. Using one of our Industry Express agreements also allows us to let you know up upfront how much any intellectual property rights will cost.

Our three Industry Express agreements offer companies an exclusive license to intellectual property, with set terms regarding the duration and cost of the license.

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Derek Eberhart
Executive Director, Innovation Gateway

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Nick Hinson
Contracting Officer, Sponsored Projects Administration