Instrument Design & Fabrication Shop

The Instrument Design & Fabrication Shop builds one-of-a-kind research instruments, laboratory devices, teaching aids, replacement parts for obsolete equipment and make modifications to existing equipment. The shop can take conceptual design to manufactured parts, turning ideas into working, usable machines or instruments.

Experienced staff and a full complement of machine tools, welding and sheet metal fabrication equipment assures the Instrument Design & Fabrication Shop can design, fabricate, repair or modify new or existing equipment and machinery in the most cost-effective manner, while meeting all work specifications. In addition, CNC milling and turning used with computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) enable the shop to make one item or many. An extensive inventory includes metal and plastic materials of all types, sizes and shapes.


  • Brazing
  • Welding
    • Arc Welding
    • Spot Welding
    • MIG Welding
  • Cutting, milling, turning, and threading
  • Helium mass spectrometer leak detection
  • Precision sheet metal fabrication and anodizing
  • In-house vacuum pump servicing and repair
  • Online equipment and process automation
  • Start-to-finish project development
  • Design: CAD design work provides a model to illustrate what the project will look like and a price estimate based on the specifications of the researcher.
  • Fabrication: Transferring the design over to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) machines produces the parts for the project. Once all the parts are fabricated and assembled, the project goes through final testing.
  • Modifications: Updates, redesigns, and modifications rework the project until it fits the researcher’s requirements and budget.