Startups & Entrepreneurship

The Innovation Gateway incubator is intended for startup or early stage life sciences companies that are involved in the research and development of new products and services.
Companies must have established research relationships with University of Georgia researchers, or they must have an interest in initiating those relationships. Priority consideration will be given to those companies who have a technology licensing agreement with the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

Admissions Criteria & Process

Innovation Gateway Companies

Resident Companies
These companies meet Innovation Gateway admission criteria: industry application, market opportunity, financial status, management experience, intellectual property, relationship to UGA and job creation.

Affiliate Companies
These companies do not meet residency criteria, but have a substantive relationship to UGA through intellectual property, sponsored research, faculty participation, and is in applied biotechnology.

Graduate Companies
Companies are eligible for graduation from Innovation Gateway when established revenue, financing, management, facilities or production milestones are achieved.

All Companies