Innovation at UGA, for all of UGA

March 27, 2019 all-day
UGA Special Collections Library
300 S. Hull Street Athens
GA 30602
Innovation at UGA, for all of UGA @ UGA Special Collections Library

We need your voice in the discussion! Join us to plan a collective vision.

As the UGA innovation ecosystem gets ready to take flight, let’s make sure all of us have a chance to be onboard. Just as we’ve worked hard to make STEM more inclusive of our community, UGA innovators—and the people who support them—must ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship are not options only for the few. If you work to support innovation in your unit—or if you are innovator yourself in search of your next opportunity—we need your voice in this discussion. Please join us to learn from each other, make new connections and plan a collective vision. Working agenda coming soon!

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This symposium is organized by the UGA Office of STEM Education and the UGA Office of Research.