Defense and Security Collaborations


About three (3) weeks after you complete the eQIP, you will receive an email from a Special Agent from Defense Counterintelligence & Security Agency (DCSA) in order to schedule an interview.  The interview will cover the information you provided on the SF-86 and other relevant questions about your background and foreign contacts.  You should expect the interview to last approximately one (1) hour.

DCSA Special Agents carry credentials identifying them as representatives of DCSA. They will present their credentials upon introduction at the beginning of the interview. Further questions related to an Agent’s/Investigator’s identity or status should be directed to DCSA Security by email or telephone (1-888-795-5673).

DCSA Security cannot provide you the status of your investigation or a copy of your background investigation. Those inquiries should be directed to the DCSA FOIPA Office.