Defense and Security Collaborations


After the pre-clearance background review, including a negative drug screen, is reviewed and submitted to the government, you will get an email with the subject similar to, “USAccess – Sponsorship Complete.”  The intent of this email is to schedule your fingerprinting even though the email references “identification credential.”  After you receive the USAccess email, please follow the instructions below to schedule your fingerprinting.  The below provides details in addition to the information in the USAccess email. You should retain the USAccess email for your reference.

1)  Check the personal information listed in “Step 1” of the USAccess email.  This should list your full name.  Use the information listed there when completing your fingerprint appointment.

2)  Go to to schedule your appointment

3)  On the website, select “Department of Energy” from the Agency/Organization drop-down box and click “Continue.”

4)  On the next screen, make sure “Enrollment – Take photo and fingerprints, present ID documents” is highlighted and click “Continue.”

5)  On the next page, put UGA’s zip code (30602) in the box and click “Find Locations”

6)  The list that populates should show Richard B Russell Research Center at the top (this is the USDA facility on College Station Road).  Click to highlight that option and click “Continue”

7)  The next page will present a calendar.  You may have to forward (Next) to find open appointments.  The open appointments are indicated by green circles (the numbers in the circles indicate how many appointments are available). Choose your preferred date by clicking the corresponding green circle.  A pop-up box will appear for you to select your preferred time.  Select the time and click “OK” and then click “Continue” on the calendar page.

8)  On the next page, enter your personal information (please use your name as indicated in the USAccess email).  Choose “Department of Energy” in the Agency/Organization box.

9)  Confirm your appointment on the next page and click “Make Appointment”

You will receive a confirmation email.  The confirmation will also instruct you to bring two (2) forms of identification to your appointment.  One form of identification must be a government-issued photo ID.  Other forms of acceptable ID are provided in the email.  The email also provides a link to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

To complete your fingerprinting appointment, you will go the USDA Richard B Russell Research Center at 950 College Station Road.  To get to the USDA complex, take College Station Road east from campus and turn right at the Research Drive traffic light.  You will stay in the left lane as you approach the Access Control Point gate.  The left lane of the gate should be marked with “Visitors/Employees.”  When you pull to the guard building, a guard will greet you. Tell the guard that you have an appointment for fingerprints at the badging office.  The guard will then verify your name and provide directions to the Richard B Russell Research Center building.  You will park in the visitors’ parking lot in front of the building, which is the second left after the gate and next to the flagpole.  You will enter the building through the front main entrance and report to the receptionist inside the front door.  The receptionist will notify the badging office of your arrival and provide directions to the office.

Be sure to bring two forms of identification per your appointment-confirmation email.  A passport and driver’s license work best.  You will have your picture taken in addition to providing fingerprints.  The photo is part of the fingerprinting process and also will be used should you need credentials in the future.