Defense and Security Collaborations

Conducting Cleared Research

Some federally-sponsored research requires UGA researchers to produce, process, and/or store classified information (i.e., conduct cleared research).  Classified information is information that poses a threat to national security if disclosed to any party without authorization.  Only the federal government determines the classification of information.  There are two main requirements for conducting cleared research. First, all personnel conducting the research or with access to the research data must posses a personnel security clearance (i.e., “be cleared”). Second, all research must be conducted in and all data stored in a secure facility.  UGA is developing the capacity to conduct cleared research on campus by providing personnel security clearances and managing secure facilities.

Cleared Research processes are managed by the UGA Facility Security Officer (FSO).  For more information about cleared research, contact the FSO, Dr. Martin Bink ( / 542-0038), or see the information below. 

Personnel security clearances (PCL) are available to UGA researchers who need access to classified information or facilities.  Currently, UGA personnel will be cleared through the Department of Energy at the ‘Q’ level, but other levels of security may be available.

Obtaining a PCL occurs in two phases.  The first phase, pre-clearance, is managed through UGA by the Facility Security Officer (FSO).  The second phase clearance is managed by the U.S. government and the FSO may assist in coordination of some activities. The PCL process includes:

Pre-clearance (UGA)

Clearance (U.S. Government)

An overview of the clearance process is available here: .  Anyone required to obtain PCL should contact the UGA FSO at / 706-542-0038.

Classified research may only be conducted in facilities certified for secure work.  These facilities (laboratories, offices, storage containers, and information technology systems) require additional access controls.  UGA does not currently have any facilities certified for classified research but is in the process of constructing and certifying facilities for classified research.  If you have a need to conduct classified research in UGA facilities, then please contact the FSO ( / 706-542-0038).