Defense and Security Collaborations

Access-request paperwork

The first steps for PCL will be coordinated by the FSO.  Please contact the FSO to request clearance and the forms.  All forms will be provided by the FSO and any completed information will be returned to the FSO.  The access-request forms are used to establish a person’s candidacy for a PCL. Access-request paperwork includes:

  • Home Address:
    1. Provide your home address including city, state, and zip code in a separate Word document.
  • DOE F 473.3, Clearance Access Request:
    1. Complete the Subject Information Section
    2. Some fields are prepopulated
    3. DOE will use the email and phone number on this form for direction coordination with you on certain items so list email and phone number frequently used
    4. No signature required by you; BSRA will sign as the requesting entity
  • DOE F 5631.18, Security Acknowledgement:
    1. After reviewing the acknowledgement, complete page 1. Note, page 1 requires two dates at the bottom, and a place of signature
    2. Name of Employer is the name of university with which you are associated
    3. After reviewing the clearance criteria, complete page 2.
    4. Electronic signatures are acceptable
    5. In total, 8 spaces require completion
  • DD214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (if necessary) :
    1. Only required if you had previous military service
    2. Provide the Member 4 Copy