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The units Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contracts & Grants (C&G) are now known as Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA). Thank you for your patience as we make this change to our website.


Who Submits Proposals?
When does SPA need my proposal?
How do I get my proposal to the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR)?

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Caution: the closer to the due date and time a proposal is submitted, the less your SPA representative is able to help you, as there is no time available for a thorough review and no time to fix fatal errors. Waiting until the last day unnecessarily jeopardizes your chances for a favorable proposal outcome and may mean that your proposal is not submitted at all.

Who Submits Proposals?

All electronic proposals (for example, to Grants.gov and the National Science Foundation) that require submission by an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) on behalf of either the University of Georgia or the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. will be submitted by a representative in Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) or a Decentralized Limited Signatory Authority (DLSA).

Pre-proposals only need to be reviewed and approved by an AOR if:

  1. the pre-proposal must be submitted by an AOR through an electronic submission process;
  2. a detailed budget is required; or
  3. the sponsor requires that the pre-proposal be signed by an AOR.

When does SPA need my proposal?

Proposals, after all the appropriate approvals have been obtained in the eResearch Portal, should be submitted to SPA at least five (5) business days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline for the final institutional review for conformance with University and sponsor requirements.

How do I get my proposal to the AOR?

  • Grants.gov
    Electronic proposals being submitted through grants.gov, will use the eResearch Portal. For those grants.gov proposals not supported by the eResearch Portal, a copy of the submitted grants.gov proposal will be attached to the proposal created in eResearch Portal as a PDF.
  • NSF-FastLane
    For electronic proposals being submitted through FastLane, the PI gives the SPA representative authority to review and submit the proposal by allowing a sponsored research office access via the FastLane Proposal Action options. A copy of the NSF submitted proposal will be attached to the proposal created in eResearch Portal as a PDF.
  • Other Proposals
    Depending on their size, other proposals may be e-mailed, sent through campus mail, or delivered in person, to the SPA representative for review and endorsement. A copy of the signed proposal will be attached to the proposal created in eResearch Portal as a PDF.