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The CLR. Cigarette Litter Receptacle

UGARF Case: 1436
Inventors: Athens Design Development (ADD)
Intellectual Property Status: Patent pending


A new urban smart and cool design by Athens Design Development. Great on the sidewalks, in the public parks – install it on a wall, post, or existing structure. Great for privately owned businesses – locate it on your dining patio, your sidewalk bar, and your employee break spot. Great for university, medical and corporate campuses – and residential and hospitality developments. Custom face designs and colors can be incorporated.

Technology Summary


First place in State Litter Prevention category. Second place National Award for “outstanding efforts to engage individuals in the implementation of the National Cigarette Litter Prevention Program.”


Volume capacity: 256 cubic inches. A four-month study in the city of Athens, Ga., indicates that in a pilot area where 40 cigarette litter receptacles (CLRs) were installed in the downtown area, cigarette trash was reduced up to 54%, and the contents of the container remained dry.


  • “Cigarette butts on the ground are one of my biggest pet peeves! Anything that encourages people to throw them away is great in my book, but to do it in such a well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing manner is a beautiful thing. “ Leah Goodwin, Co-owner Helix 10/2008
  • “Not only are the butts unsightly, they clog storm drains, and many of them eventually get washed into rivers and pollute the water.” Blake Aued, Staff Writer Athens Banner Herald 11/30/08
  • “The CLRs are a welcome addition to the city, and Athens is fortunate to have Athens Design Group as part of the community. We highly recommend their product…” Ann Hester, President Athens Tobacco Coalition 1/2009


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